Nowadays, the transportation services have searched new alternatives to make their passengers feel safe and comfortable during their trip. The services of taxis are not the exception to this rule, many companies that offer this service, besides, to take you from one place to another, the taxi companies offer to live an entire experience when it comes to moving. Such is the case of taxi services for women, where it is sought that their clients feel safe at all times and comfortable, since it will be another woman who will be behind the wheel, so there will be more empathy and tranquility on the part of the users. Its goal is that the users feel identified with the drivers that way they can enjoy their ride or consult any doubt that they have, either of the selected route or other questions to the driver with full confidence. This not only seeks to provide a service of excellence to the users, but also create more jobs for women who wish to undertake this kind of work, and thus, can generate income that allows them to increase the quality of life, not only for the women, as well as for their families. According to statistical studies, 98% of the taxi drivers correspond to the male sex, even in services provided by phone applications, where Uber stands out, 86% of the assigned drivers are male, which is why with the start-up of these exclusive services were established more equality in this kind of job, creating greater inclusion of the female gender. However, taxi services are mostly required by women, where there are many complaints about the treatment they receive from the male driver, whether it is a bad fitness or even assaults. There are many cases where women are victims of physical or sexual assaults by the driver of the vehicle at the time of taking a taxi, since these take advantage of the fact that they travel alone or at night to attack them.

The key element that has generated the creation of these services has been the safety of the female users, who feel calm at the time of moving either when they have to go to work, go shopping, or to any other place they want regardless of the time or accompanied by a relative or by a friend. If a girl is in the street at night, you do not have to feel afraid to take a taxi, since with this type of services the assigned dirver will be responsible for transport you, taking into account the pick-up point and where you go, or time of the day. These exclusive services not only offer professional drivers, but also vehicles that provide safety and comfort to their female passengers that is why this idea have great acceptation. The city of Paris is no stranger to this trend when it comes to taxi services for women only, which seeks to highlight the fact that not only men can safely transport people from one place to another, but also women can do it too, with the same quality of service in some cases even better, according to comments from the manager of the company Woman Drive, which offers this type of service in this city characterized by its great tourist, cultural and historical attraction for all the visitors. Woman Drive in addition to providing security to its users, also seeks to make them feel comfortable that is why their units have tablets available to the passenger, water bottles and makeup kit and the drivers will be available to provide advice that require in terms of their transportation. It also offers tourists package, thinking in the comfort of tourists who wants to know the city of light and love, with the assigned drivers that is able to speak several languages ​​to serve as tourist guides to the customers. In these packages are offered the transportation from the airport to the hotel, inn or residence where the tourist plan to stay while they are in the city, as well as tour of the most emblematic places of Paris at cultural and tourist level.

Another of the companies that offer this service is Parisian Women Cab, whose launching to the market was inspired by the pink taxi ladies companies that circulates in London city, according to statements of the owner there is a lot of potential in the market in the French capital, and that there are a lot of women who are looking for the time to take a taxi safely and comfortably when traveling. Thinking about the comfort and enjoyment of the users, the Parisian Women Cab offers LED screens, chargers for mobile phones and a minibar in its units. With, six units in total similar to the typical London taxis but pink. This not only seeks to provide a quality service but also a unique experience at the time of travel. To request the taxi service of these companies, there are call center operators for the reservation. The clients should only make a call to the numbers established by these companies, where the staff will consult where they are and where they want to go in order to establish the travel route, the user´s data, number of passengers, date and time of the transfer must be provided to the operator in order to assign a driver, and the unit to carry out the service quickly and timely. According to the opinions of the users of these companies, it has been cataloged as an excellent service. Where, a female German tourist commented: “I really liked the service, contact the Parisian Women Cab line to drive me from the hotel to the Eiffel Tower, the driver was very kind, and it was pleasant talking to her because she spoke my native language so it was easier for me to communicate with her, then she advise me at all times, the units are very clean and fancy, and I felt more secure because I was with another woman due that was my first travel to Paris and did not know nothing about the city”. This tourist affirmed that if she returns to the city of Paris, she will hire this service since in addition to feeling very comfortable the treatment of the driver was excellent.

Due the face of the request for taxi services through mobile applications, the Kolett platform was launched, where women in Paris will be able to request a taxi service only for them and where the driver is also a woman, so that provide greater comfort and safety when moving throughout the city. This application will have a very similar operation to what is seen with Uber platform, where through the application the user requests the taxi service indicating the place where she is, and the place of destination in order to estimate the travel route, and this way establish the total cost for the service at the same time through the platform will indicate the user that driver is available, description of the vehicle to do the service and what time it will take to get the driver to arrive when picking up the passenger. Many women have said that they are very happy to know that this kind of platform is already available for taxi services, because that way they can request the service from their cell phone and they will be assisted by another woman. According to the promoters of the platform, they not only seek to offer a quick and immediate contracting service, but also offer to the women other employment alternatives. According to the projections established by these promoters, Kolett is looking to carry out 3000 careers a month, so they already have a hundred drivers ready to offer their services. In the first instance, Kolett will offer its services in the western suburbs of Paris with the aim of expanding its routes to every corner of the city in a short time. According to your market study there is a lot of fields in this type of services not only for being a modern service, but also because most taxi users in Paris are women.

The name of the Kolett platform was inspired by the name Colette which was very common in Paris, where the aim is that the female users feel identified and choose to use this service. This service model is adapted to the technological advances that exist and seeks to provide attention and quality to women, where under the modality VTC transport vehicle with a driver, will be granted to many drivers the option of being able to work without being discriminated, and their income will be the same as those of male drivers. The goal is to establish gender equality in the VTC market that has been well received by taxi users not only in Paris but throughout France. The VTC services are characterized by offering their users not only a way of transportation, but a travel experience either by using luxury vehicles, having professional drivers that offer a good customer service as well as including drinks, Wi-Fi in the unit, entire disposition and complete privacy.  The female users of the taxi service only for women, have had very good reception of this platform, due the service of the companies is by reservation, which it must be done well in advance so that they can be attended in a timely manner, while by means of Kolett can request the service immediately. According to many Parisians, through this platform from your mobile phone can request a taxi to return home after work, more safely and feel more confident because they are accompanied by another woman in the vehicle, In addition to knowing before getting into the vehicle the cost for the service, and the different ways to pay.

In France, the most commented case of aggression against a woman, was that of the Swedish tourist of only 19 years who was murdered by an unlicensed taxi driver outside the city of Paris. With this event many French entrepreneurs decided to offer the female public of this country the option of moving in taxi driven by women in order to provide greater safety of the female users. As well as other cases of abuse towards the users, according to comments of a young student in Paris who was in a very popular disc of the city with a group of friends, after having a celebration for a promotion in her the company, she and her friends decided to took a taxi to go to his residence, and the driver was very rude to them, for which they felt very uncomfortable and decided to get off the vehicle without having reached their destination. Facts and comments like this reinforce the use of these exclusive services for women, based on feeling safe at the time of moving regardless of the time or place where they are and not being victims of this type of abuse.

Like the drivers of the male gender, the women who offer themselves as taxi drivers must be professionals of the steering wheel know different access routes, possest the driver’s license updated, as well as respect and apply the taffic regulations of France when they are driving. They must keep the units in optimal conditions in order to maintain a quality service, as well as provide excellent customer service, which is one of the most important aspects when offering a service. There are comments from the male public where they consider this kind of services as discriminatory towards them, due these comments the taxi companies that offer the services for women, have affirmed that they do not seek to discriminate against men, but rather offer women a taxi service adapted to their needs. Needs that are different from those of the male audience, so that they feel at ease when traveling and do not suffer from any type of abuse.As well as establishing sources of employment for women who decide to be the drivers of these taxis.